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Buying pepper spray – what needs to be concerned!

When buying peppers-spray there is a lot of points that must be concerned. In the following lines we will show you some No-goes many do not have in mind when buying pepper-spray but that may not be ignored.

As a salesman in a gun shop there is always a quite funny story to tell. We would therefore like to share one of the stories happening with a lot of customers to show some mistakes with this example.

A customer enters the store with his girlfriend. After welcoming both head directly to the showcase for pepper-spray and check the inventory. After short time they turn around and announce their decision and point out the cheapest gear in the showcase. After a short rechecking if they are sure and a questioning if they actually know what they just decided for the most given answer was to be heard. “NO!”

Mistake #1, the price

The most expensive product is not necessarily always the best.
But in most cases we get a better quality for a higher price.

Buying pepper spray is an investment in your safety. Self-protection gear safes your or your fellow’s life.
If you intend to buy such products you expect good quality and a full working self-protection equipment.

But what can possibly go wrong?
To have a look at this we will stick to pepper-sprays. There are major differences in brand, content, and technical equipment and based on this the prices differ a lot. Generally, we can say, the more expensive the more to expect from the product.
Cheaper gear has less base content and will not last as long. Even though this allows a small handy compact style the product shows only little efficiency during testing. The content lasts for only seconds and the chances of actually hitting the aggressor in this short time period are little to zero. Don’t forget, you find yourself in a dangerous situation and need to aim perfectly concerning the small base content. The solution? More content in the spray! But this off course means more expensive products.
The next point is the safety equipment. Cheap sprays are often little to not equipped with safety measures. The lack of equipment might lead to unintentionally triggering and causing the content to spread in your bag for example. Higher priced products have this safety equipment ensuring the content stays where and how it belongs. Inside the pepper-spray ready for the worst case.
The last point is the way the product works. Cheaper products spray a kind of spray-fog like deodorant does. So, if the wind blows from the wrong direction you quickly pepper-spray yourself or you fellows. That is a major disadvantage many do not think about. Alternatively, you could choose a spray that sends a direct jet working even in windy situations. But this requires a different working spray. And this means, it is more expensive.            

Off course you can analyze the quality difference with all other products. No matter what choice you make, you will always face differences related to the price. Inform ahead where differences in price come from and decide rationally. Don’t decline just based on the high price.

A products price should always just play a subordinate role. Off course you do not need to buy a €200 product if your limit is €20. But most of the time you will get a better quality for just a little extra and this leads to a better protection. Give also little more expensive products a chance.

Mistake #2, lack of knowledge

As already mentioned in the price section many products differ a lot. Pepper-sprays are never the same.

Besides the known defense-sprays there are also training-sprays. You might not see the difference on first sight but instead of irritants and pepper-base content the training spray is filled with water.
Just imagine you intend to buy your loved one a defense-spray and buy a training-spray instead since you do not know the difference. What will happen? Your wife, daughter, girlfriend will spray water in a possible aggressor’s face. Does not sound safe, does it?
To be honest we do not want to think about the amount of training-spray in handbags because the buyer did not know and was too vain to ask, what he is actually buying.
The salesman is neither responsible nor committed to educate the buyer or to point out errors. Every reseller can assume the buyer is informed and known what he wants if he does not have the courage to ask.

Long story short. If you have no clue, just ask. It is not a shame and can safe your life! Be sure not to be vain and risk your health and life!

Now let us follow the story…

After the customers were given advice what the best product for their needs is and what they need to know about the legal topics they bought the spray and promptly dumped it in her handbag...

Mistake #3, storing

Due to our own survey more than 50% store their defense-spray in their backpack or handbag. To be honest, there’s no worse place to have your protection gear stored.

How long do you want to look for your protection when it is required? Everybody knows the issue when something is missing, and you check your bags for it.
Just don’t. You will never find it in time if you even get the chance to. Often your bag is the first thing that’s taken when facing an attack.

Many try to argue and advise it’s just temporary and when something seems dangerous, they will keep it in hand.
Unfortunately, life works different. You will always face dangerous or uncomfortable situation unprepared. You will not think about it when you actually really need it. And that is exactly when you have little to no chances to reach your protection in time.

Carrying your self-protection gear in your jackets pockets is better, but still not perfect. 32% of our survey participants carry their protection products in these pockets. But be sure to always keep your hands on it. In case of an emergency you will face troubles to get your hands in the small pockets and have the gear positioned ready for launching.
The best protection of all is the one, that’s not needed. Who do you think will more likely be a victim? A person who looks strong and confident? Or someone that seems weak and closed and already kind of looks like a victim?
Unfortunately having your gear in your jackets pockets leads to a closed pose and gesture and shows weakness and the victim like look.

Generally we need to say, keep your hands clear to keep the confident open gesture and maybe find a way to wear your protection gear ready to use close to your body. There are special holsters and clips allowing to war the gear on your belt or another area on your body.

Many will decline since it might not be the best-looking opportunity. But never forget. We are talking about your safety. And your life is more important than just looking good!

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