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Welcome to SMAGN

Statistics show that every second had to experience violence at least once in their lives or found themselves trapped in an unsecure and unsafe situation. Protecting yourself is an ageless issue.

Crime was, is and will always be a part of society. We are well aware of this and demand a more open- and open-minded dealing with self-defense and self-protection.
It’s not reprehensive to be careful. It’s better to have and not need, than to require and not possess. In the end it’s about your life you’re risking.

We want to supply a website to give you the possibility to inform and educate yourself about self-defense and self-protection. To ensure this we will constantly update and post new content for you in the future.

Thanks ahead for your visit. We really appreciate your feedback, ideas and suggestions and look forward to answer all arising questions. You can get in touch by sending an E-Mail to or by using the contact us shortcut on our side.

Das SMAGteam

Read the current blog posts:

Taking personal protection in your own hands?

Already 15 years ago friends and family said to pack the pepper-spray before leaving the house since we can never know what will happen. And today? Nothing changed at all. Our own statistic shows every third respondent is equipped with some product to protect and defend themselves in any case of emergency. But is it necessary to have self-protection gear in Europe?

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Buying pepper spray – what needs to be concerned!

When buying peppers-spray there is a lot of points that must be concerned. In the following lines we will show you some No-goes many do not have in mind when buying pepper-spray but that may not be ignored.

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"Weapon-free-zones" - totally use(full/less)!

Since November 2019 federal states in Germany are empowered to set up “Weapon-free-zones”. What does that mean and what is the point?

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"Small-Firearms Licence" - Issues with statistics

The German Government institution publicized their annual statistics dealing with the so called “small firearms license”. Following this, on Dec 31st, 2020 there are 705,506 issued licenses. A raise of 6,14%, or in numbers 40,800 permits.

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User tell their stories

To the SMAGshop:

What’s our mission?

You decide to buy pepper spray, a stun gun or something else to make sure you have the best possible protection for yourself or your fellows.
In this case you have the right to know what’s important, what’s required and what the advantages and disadvantages are for the products you choose to protect you. In the worst case they make the small difference between life and death. Sounds fair, right?

Most of the suppliers deny access to some really important information. Off course they will show you the advantages and will tell you why their product is the best for you. But have you ever met a salesperson that will honestly also uncover the disadvantages and problems of their products or why you should maybe look for an alternative? We neither!

And that’s the point where we join the game. We, the SMAGteam will provide you everything others might try to cover. We are analyzing and checking everything about self-protection and self-defense, the involved products and services independently from any suppliers. You will receive hints and tricks for handling self-protection in views nobody has ever thought of. You will receive advantages and disadvantages for specific products to show if it fits you or if you should maybe take a look at alternative ways to protect yourself.
It is extremely important to know what you expect and what you will experience. Self-protection is nothing that is covered by simply buying pepper spray!

We follow 3 simple rules, and promise to always keep those values.
We will be OPEN, HONEST and DIRECT !

In case of any questions, please contact us directly.

Mail us via

We’re looking forward to supporting you as well in specific requests. We are here to help!

Who we are?

We are a young and dedicated team from Halle an der Saale, Saxony-Anhalt, in Germany.

Pascal Dzick
born in 1997 in Halle an der Saale
A-level in 2015
Trainee: bank clerk

Former salesman for sportguns and self-protection gears
at the UMAREX Group

Current job:
Financial consultant

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to get to know me better.

Carlo J. Raethel
born in 1996 in Halle an der Saale
A-level in 2015
Trainee: freight forwarding assistent

Current job:
Dispatcher and co-leading supervisor
at DHL

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to get to know me better.

What is our vision?

The German and European market for self-defense and self-protection gear is conservative.
The established providers rest on their products and miss providing new innovations and ideas and lose opportunities to set new trends.

We therefore set a magnificent long-term goal: Reforming the market for self-defense and self-protection gear!

We are already working constantly on our own, new, innovative products to bring advantages to your personal self-protection experience with current self-protection gear. We intend to place our own products on the market mid-term and establish SMAGN as a new brand for innovative self-protection.

We appreciate your support in achieving our goals by sharing our posts, sites and your recommendation to fellows.

Thank you!